THYRANT - Presentación ' What We Left Behind...'

Sala Trinchera - C/ Parauta 25

22:00 horas

Apertura de Puertas 22:00h Comienzo 22:45h


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THYRANT presentan su disco debut 'What We Left Behind...' el próximo viernes 17 de Noviembre en Sala Trinchera, Málaga + banda invitada.

Esto es lo que la prensa internacional comenta sobre 'What We Left Behind...':


“This is the type of miracle Thyrant are capable of."
- Metal News, FR


“An amazing debut!"
- 9/10, World Of Metal


“Thyrant will take you on a musical journey across the ages, genres and spectrums leaving you questioning - what just happened?
- 8,5/10, Rock n Load Mag, US


“...various styles and their own voice in it makes these Spaniards have a clear signature sound. What they leave will be mostly satisfied metalheads!"
- White Room Reviews, NL


"...appetising delight of death metal vocals and melodic rock accompaniment."
- 4/5 Photo Groupie, UK


“Thyrant are the real deal."
- Belfast Metalheads Reunited, IE


“Thyrant debut is a notable entry in the world of metal."
- Tasunka Photos, FR


“…this is a record that reflects the future."
- Lettere dall’undeground, IT


“Musically, Thyrant are like a well-aimed punch to the solar plexus…"
- Devils Gate Media, UK


“Can you mix a bit of Carcass with Maiden and Judas and stay credible by making a high quality record? It looks so!”
- Metal (IT)


“Thyrant is heading for a bright future!"
- 7’5/10, Rock Tribune


“Awesome riffs, great production…”
- 9/15, Legacy


'What We Left Behind...' fue editado por Indie Recordings el pasado 12 de Mayo.


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